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Bangladesh Tariff Commission (BTC) is a statutory organization of the government, which works for the protection of genuine interests of local industries facing unfair competition from foreign firms.

Any matter relating to protection of or assistance to domestic industries or efficient use of resources in any industry may be referred to the Commission by the government or the business community for recommendations and appropriate course of action. Read More

bangladeshAbout Bangladesh

Bangladesh is Located in the north-eastern part of South Asia. The majestic Himalayas stand some distance to the north, while in the south lays the Bay of Bengal. West Bengal borders on the west and in the east lies the hilly and forested regions of Tripura, Mizoram (India) and Myanmar. These picturesque geographical boundaries frame a low lying plain of about 1,47,570 square kilometer, criss-crossed by innumerable rivers and streams.

thompsonMinister's Profile

Tofail Ahmed is one of the most influential political leaders in the history of Bangladesh and as an ideal follower of Bangabandhu the role he played for our independence movement is unique.Mr. Tofail Ahamed was born in Sadar upazila of Bhola district, village koraliya in 20th October 1943 . His father Maulvi Azhar Ali was a respected person in that area. His Mother name is Fatima Begum.

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Dr. Md. Azizur Rahman, Secretary(In Charge) to the government joined on deputation as Chairman, Bangladesh Tariff Commission on 28th September 2014 .Bangladesh Tariff Commission (BTC) is a statutory public institution of the Government, which works for the protection of the genuine interests of the home and infant industries facing unfair competition from foreign counterparts.


The Trade Remedies Wing of the Bangladesh Tariff Commission is responsible for protecting the legitimate interest of local industries by preventing unfair trade. If any foreign product is exported to Bangladesh at less than its factory price, it is dumping and injurious to local industries and is considered as unfair trade. In this situation, anti-dumping duties can be imposed to protect local industries from such injury.


The main function of the Trade Policy Wing is the protection and expansion of domestic industries. To this end, BTC recommends appropriate tariff and import measures to the government as and when asked for. The main goals of trade policy of Bangladesh are to accelerate growth of exports, diversify export products, make imported inputs easily available at reasonable prices and reduce the current account deficit to a sustainable level.


Bangladesh is consistently progressing towards socio-economic and commercial development. With a view to stimulate the consistency of development, the government is continuing its restless endeavor to develop commercial and economic infrastructure; to enhance and diversify productivity; to promote import substitution in order to reduce import dependency; to expand trade and investment; Read More

snowMonitoring Cell

The Government, so far as it appears to it to be necessary or expedient for securing the equitable distribution of an essential commodity between different areas in Bangladesh and availability at fair prices or Read More

accidentTrade Directory

Bangladesh Tariff Commission (BTC) announces with pleasure the launching of the electronic version of ”World Trade Directory (WTD): Bangladesh”. Hon'ble Commerce Minister Mr. Ghulam Muhammed Quader, MP has launched online WTD on 14 July, 2012.

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Bangladesh Tariff Commission, Ministry of Commerce, 1st 12 Storied Govt. Office Building(9th Floor),Segunbagicha,Dhaka-1000. Phone: 9335930, Fax: 88-02-8315685, Web : www.bdtariffcom.org, E-mail: btariff@intechworld.com